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FIX UP FILE DOWN 100/100 Grit Nail Files (5pk)

£4.99 (Ex VAT) each

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Fix up, file down. Let’s keep it 100, this grit is designed to handle the thickness. Destined to go several rounds and for extreme shaping, this file can be used on artificial nails and gel enhancements.

Not recommended for natural nails, this 100-grit file is dual-sided and fully sanitizable – keep them clean and keep them keen!

Product Features:

  • Dual Sided Coarse Grit.
  • Files can be used on artificial nails to shape and file hard gel or gel enhancement.
  • Suitable for gel and acrylic refinement and filing
  • Used to shape nail or take down side walls/ lower arch of an extension.
  • Used to file off gel polish on builder
  • Not recommend for thin artificial nails or for a natural nail
  • Files can be sanitized.

Item Characteristics

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