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GET A GRIT 180/180 Grit Nail Files (5pk)

£4.99 (Ex VAT) each

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Get a grit, the 180 grit, we call this one the smooth operator. Medium file, suitable to shape the natural nail but also true to its name, it can be used to add a smooth finish to artificial sets.

The 180-grit file is dual-sided and durable for filing, blending, and finishing. Oh, and don’t forget, our files are fully subitizable – keep them clean, and keep them keen hun.

Available in 5 packs

Product Features:

  • 180 Dual Sided Grit.
  • Medium Nail File Grit.
  • Used to shape the natural nail
  • Used to remove shine if applying extension to the natural nail.
  • Used to add a smooth finish to Artificial Nails.
  • Durable file for filing, blending and finishing.
  • Files can be sanitized.

Item Characteristics

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