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Hive natural honey wax tin 800g

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Hair removal wax tin
Hive® are experts in creating professional hair removal wax products to make your professional waxing treatments quicker, more effective and as comfortable as possible. This natural honey wax tin is suitable for waxing both the face and the body and is super easy to use by simply placing the tin directly into your 1000cc Hive wax heater, without decanting it first. Simply remove the 800g wax tin after the treatment or continue to use it for your next client.

Natural honey
This gentle natural honey and glyceryl rosinate based wax tin is low allergy risk and has a unique, honey like texture, for you to perform wonderfully decadent, relaxing hair removal waxing treatments on all your clients.

Vegan and cruelty free
Hive are committed to formulating honest, clean and ethical hair removal wax products that are both vegan and cruelty free for you and all your ethically conscious clients, allowing for conscience free hair removal wax treatments.

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