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HIVE® neos 500CC wax kit

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Professional waxing kit
Perform wax treatments with ease and precision using the HIVE professional wax kit. Containing all the essentials, from pre wax cleansing to an after wax lotion, the comprehensive kit helps beauty therapists achieve excellent results when performing warm wax treatments.

Infused with honey
The warm wax is infused with honey to give your clients a luxurious experience. The nourishing ingredient helps to soften the skin for a silky smooth finish. Simply warm the wax by decanting it into the inner container of the wax heater.


  • HIVE neos wax heater 500cc
  • HIVE pre wax cleansing spray 400ml
  • HIVE warm honey wax 425g
  • HIVE disposable spatulas (100)
  • HIVE fabric waxing strips (100)
  • HIVE after wax treatment lotion 400ml
  • HIVE wax equipment cleaner spray 400ml
  • HIVE kit bag

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