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Hive superberry blend antioxidant crème wax 425g

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Skin-nourishing formulation

The superberry blend crème offers powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which expands your offering to clients with sensitive skin concerns. Developed from a superfood blend of cranberry, blueberry, acai berry and goji berry, the depilatory wax delivers vegan-friendly results without parabens.

Wax heater compatibility

Compatible with both 500ml (500cc) direct insertion heaters and decantation into 1L (1000cc) vessels, this wax is a practical addition to expand your hair removal offering.

Easy and safe application

An innovative addition To HIVE®’s professional formulas, the hair-removal treatment ensures efficient and comfortable delivery for both mobile and salon. Featuring a low operating temperature, the superberry crème optimises speed, safety, and long-term satisfaction for full-body removal.

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