G5 Body Massage (½ Day)

G5 Massage (½ Day Advanced) The G5 Massager offers a mechanical massage via a patented and innovative ‘directional stroking’ method. This technique (not manually possible) simultaneously increases the venous flow and nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue whilst stimulating the blood circulation.

Results include: Stimulation of the circulatory system, including a warming and soothing effect on the body, a skin toning effect, stimulation of the lymphatic system aiding the breaking down of fat deposits, relaxation of muscle fibres and relief from muscular pain. This is an advanced massage treatment and therapists interested in this training should already possess a body massage qualification, including anatomy and physiology.


• Effects of G5 massage

• Types and uses of G5 heads

•Benefits of treatment

• Treatment procedure and practical application

• Client consultation and treatment plan

• Hygiene and safety precautions

• Contraindications

Requirements: Students must already be qualified in Body Massage including Anatomy and Physiology.

Duration: ½ Day

Cost: £145 inclusive of vat